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This is "life" at John A. Walsh Elementary School. And my "life" away from Walsh School. Enjoy your trip!

The following pictures where taken last year or other years at Walsh School. Some of the pictures are from the schools that I have attended. Enjoy your stay. I am also including my class pictures and on a monthly basis I will include the "CLASSROOM STUDENT OF THE MONTH."

Alex Sobrevilla

The Perfect Class!

Nice View of the Walsh Playground

Hot Dogs or Grilled Cheese?

Please Don't Run!

Good Food

1999-2000 Class

Expert Photographers

All The Things I Have to Do. HELP!!!

Simply the Best!

The Perfect Exhibit

Mexican Artifacts

More Mexican Artifacts

The Best of the Arts

My Last Day at Hammond School - August 18, 1998

My High School Benito Juarez - 1987

My Home Away From Home

Illinois State University Quad

My Life for 4.5 Years. To Cool To Be Forgotten!

Education Department - Illinois State University

Illinois State University - Memories

You have Class! Great! Excellent!

Guess Who?