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Great Moments In Time

Thank You for the moments..............something that I will treasure FOREVER!!!

The people that I admire and Protect:  Jose Adan Nunez, Michel Alejandro Sobrevilla, Eric Casas.

Summer 2003 - Six Flags Great America
Jose, Alex, Eric

Who Might This Be?

Check It Out.  Your Guess Is As Good An Mine.  For Reference see the picture above.

To Young to Figure Out?

Let's go back too many years to remember.  And who do you think this might Be?  Well, take another wild guess.

Looks like Someone Else I Know? Guess Who?

Keep smiling for a long time.  Different style different look.  Cool.

What happened? Upset? No Soccer today.


Getting Old Buddy!!!!


Hello Manny, Nice Smile, Little Chubby but ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come Back Soon For More Updates!!!